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Prepping Your Home For Sale when You Have Pets

We love pets!

Our pets are an important part of our families but they have the potential to make selling a home a tiny bit more complicated. 

Let’s go over the extra little to-do list that having a pet creates so your home is ready to put it’s best foot forward in the greater New Orleans real estate market. 

I am focusing mainly on cats and dogs here but I’ll reference some of our other furry/feathered/scaly friends at the end of this post. 

Pet Prep List

I’ve got 5 basic steps for preparing your home for sale when you have pets: 

  1. Remove obvious signs of pets 
  2. Deep clean and deodorize 
  3. Repair any pet damage or stains 
  4. Have a good friend do a sniff test 
  5. Make a plan for showings and open houses 

1. Remove obvious signs of pets

Pets aren’t always a bad thing! Some buyers may want to know that a home or neighborhood is pet-friendly, but that might not be true of all buyers. It’s best to minimize the obvious signs of a pet in your home when preparing to sell. 

Large crates or pet beds should be put away in storage or a back room. Pet toys should be trimmed down and kept to a small number that can be picked up easily and put away. 

Pet food and water bowls should also be removed for photos and showings if possible.

2. Deep clean and deodorize 

Have you seen the Febreeze commercial about being nose blind? We are all nose blind to our pets after a while, but unfortunately buyers looking at your home are not. 

Pet smells get deep into fabrics so pay special attention to carpets, rugs, bedding, and any upholstered furniture such as sofas and chairs when you’re cleaning. 

And don’t forget about the air! Make sure you have fresh filters on your air conditioning vents and test out different air fresheners until you find one that works for your home’s style.

3. Repair any pet damage or stains 

Sometimes pets can tear up rugs, floors, walls, or even cabinets. Take a good look around and do any repairs you can ahead of time. 

4. Have a good friend do a sniff test 

After cleaning, have an honest friend come over to check that your home doesn’t smell like pets. Your realtor might also be able to help in this area if you need a fresh nose or pair of eyes.  

5. Make a plan for showings and open houses 

When you’re making a plan for how to navigate open houses and home showings don’t forget to include your pet. If it all possible your pet should be removed from the home during these times. You want buyers to get the full feel of how THEY would live in the home, not how you live. 

You also don’t want to run the risk of your pet getting loose with doors opening and closing more freely than usual. If you absolutely cannot take a cat with you, crate it, don’t just confine it to a specific room.

Have exotic or unusual pets?  

The best idea if you have a pet that is exotic or potentially “too much” for visiting buyers is to see if you have a friend or family member that is willing to take in the pet while your home is in the process of being sold. This might feel a bit extreme but your home will sell quickest if it’s free of anything that might distract buyers from feeling welcome.   

Ready to list your home?

Whether you have pets, kids, or none of the above – I would love to advise you on the sale of your #nolahome. Email me at and let’s talk!

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